Walkthrough Video

Our Team

Team Lead KilaWolfsblut

SFX James Thatcher

Music Arani

Programming thePotatoLizerd   KilaWolfsblut

Art KilaWolfsblut

VFX radzo73

Art Assistant AuraspectArt

Game Design KilaWolfsblut


WebGL scaling done with Minimal-WebGL-Template: https://seansleblanc.itch.io/better-minimal-webgl-template


Walking Tutorial

(Psst, try out our Whirlwind attack:

Press X and spin through pressing A and D repeatedly )

Concepts (for further updates)


AwkwardCrowGame_3_PrototypeBuild.zip 43 MB

Install instructions

Download our zip and unpack it into a new folder. Take a look into the unpacked zip and you should find a file called AwkwardCrowGameUnity.exe

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